What Does The Way You Kiss Say About Your Relationship?

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Every single gesture of yours in any relationship, be it love or friendship or something else entirely, is a unique way to show how you feel. From the simple holding hands to warm hugs – all of it says a lot about your relationship.

So, what does the way you kiss say?

Nothing less than a thousand words!

According to Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of the book, The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, kissing is an integral part of long-term bonds and helps in the maintenance of a relationship.

No wonder that we, the human race, have come up with a gazillion ways to kiss! And each of these gazillion ways has a lot to reveal about the romantic relationship you share with your partner.

Let’s dive in!

1. The Cheek Kiss

Let’s start off with something simple – the cheek kiss. This kiss is the simplest way to let someone know that you like them a lot. Also, when you plant one on the cheek, it shows that you feel affectionate towards that person and there is probably nothing more than friendship that exists between you two – even if you feel romantical about the receiver.

2. The Closed-Mouth Kiss

This one is like the immediate predecessor of the cheek kiss. It’s when you newly start dating someone that you first indulge in the closed-mouth kiss. This kiss shows that your relationship hasn’t reached comfort level yet. It also says that your walls are still up and maybe your relationship lacks communication.

3. The Peck

Before we get on to the more serious and exciting ones, let’s get the simpler ones out of the way. The peck is probably your first kiss in a relationship. It reveals that you’re testing the waters, and hence, keeping it short and quick. This kiss can help you know if you want to continue with the relationship. However, in the advanced stages of a relationship, the peck is a sign of comfort and greeting.

4. The Butterfly Kiss

A favorite of the young and new loves, this kiss doesn’t even involve the lips! Just the fluttering of the eyelashes of both partners against each other. This one is an expression of new love. It also shows the excitement of being together and the possibility of deeper kisses in the future!

5. The Gentle Kiss

This kiss oozes with anticipation! You just lightly kiss each other without applying pressure and wait for things to happen. This can indicate the stage of exploration in a relationship – the time when you just get to know each other. It also signals delayed gratification and teasing, making it a rather exciting one. Plus, it’s the first sign that you’ve become comfortable with each other.

6. The French Kiss

The French kiss only happens when things get hot between the two of you. This tongue-in-cheek kiss (quite literally) is a sign that you are eager to know whom you’re kissing, more than you already do. While the gentle kiss is a subtle exploration of loveuality, the French kiss takes that exploration to a much deeper level and shows that you’re ready to commit.

7. The Nibble Kiss
It’s when you’re feeling feisty that you resort to the nibble kiss, which is basically gently biting on your partner’s lips. This kiss reveals that you are quite passionate about your significant other. It also shows that your love life is healthy and both of you kind of enjoy roughing it up a bit in bed.

8. The Sloppy Kiss

This playful kiss is a manifestation of intimate energy between a couple. When you and your partner share such a kiss, it signifies that there’s no way the two of you won’t end up in the bedroom. Moreover, it shows that you’re in a phase in your relationship where you really don’t care what others think of you. What matters to you is just each other.

9. The Spiderman Kiss

Popularized by the web-spinning superhero, this is more of an upside-down kiss. However, for us lesser mortals, it’s carried out while laying down instead of hanging in the air! Indulging in such a kiss means that your relationship still has the element of surprise in it. Both of you love to sneak up on each other and shower kisses and still share an excitement, despite the passage of time.

10. The Angel Kiss

Last but not least is the angel kiss – a kiss that you plant on your partner’s eyelids! What it shows is that you are protective of your partner and your relationship is secure and stable. If you kiss them when they’re sleeping, you just want them to know you’re watching over them. All in all, your relationship is full of care, trust, and reliability.

So how do you kiss your partner? Or is there any kiss out of these that you haven’t tried? If you haven’t, you can be sure your relationship has many more milestones to achieve and that it’ll surely get there!



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