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You know that excited feeling you get when you see a room, fall in love with it, and must know absolutely every single thing about it? (We know we can’t be the only ones!) This notion is the ethos behind our newest series, Anatomy of a Room, where we touch base with the decorators behind some of our favorite spaces and have them break down every design decision and detail. 

Up first is a bedroom we knew we simply had to feature—because it was one of our most-liked posts on Instagram, ever! It belongs to Georgia-based Kaela Williams of @home_by_two, and is filled with swoon-worthy details like a charcoal accent wall, touches of forest green, and our Tribal Moroccan Tassel rug in off-white. We’ll let Kaela tell you how she pulled it off below!

Kaela Williams of @home_by_two in her gorgeous bedroom.

Tell us about the process of decorating this room! What were you going for? 

I started with the idea of having a mid-century modern/boho vibe. But, as we settled into our new home I began to embrace and love the more traditional elements of the house. The room began to evolve with my style and I wanted it to reflect both the modern and traditional elements that I loved. I wanted these styles to organically blend. 

We love the bold accent wall paired with the soft texture of our Tribal Moroccan Tassel rug in off-white!

Let’s talk about that amazing accent wall and how you landed on a color palette for the space! 

The accent wall color is Carbonized by Sherwin Williams for HGTV. It’s bold, but has a soft warm tone which flows perfectly with the neutral earth-toned palette for the space. I love that earth tones make a space feel warm and inviting, and having a neutral base in furniture, bedding, and rugs allows me to showcase other elements in the room. 

The bed is styled with tonal, textural perfection!

What elements make the biggest impact when refreshing a room? 

So much of how a room makes you feel is tied into color, texture and accents. I feel that with a neutral base you can rotate colors seasonally to keep the room feeling fresh: darker tones for fall and winter, and lighter for spring and summer. You can pull textures into a space with materials that you choose. Maybe you add a chunky knit throw or velvet pillow to bring in some warmth, or a soft gauzy quilt to feel light and airy. Accents like greenery, baskets, and metallic or ceramic decorative objects pull everything together. 

Woven stools, quilted bedding, leather drawer pulls, fluffy shag rugs: Kaela’s bedroom combines a creative mix of textures and colors.

What made our Tribal Moroccan Tassel rug the perfect pick for this room? 

I was drawn to this rug’s beautiful pattern and neutral palette. I knew that this rug would complement the space without feeling overpowering. The texture is also amazing! It’s so soft and brings the cozy level of the room up a notch!

Simple, sleek vignettes on the dresser create a clean and calming look.

Did you hit any roadblocks when decorating this space? 

Absolutely! I knew what I was looking for in a dresser but couldn’t seem to find the right fit. It took over a year to find what I was looking for but I finally found one large enough for the wall space.

Up-close details of the dresser setup reveal aged textures with patina that add all the character.

What elements do you feel like every bedroom should have?

I think every bedroom needs a bit of cozy to feel inviting and relaxing. Something natural and organic is a must; every room needs a pop of greenery and some wood tones. In order to create a relaxing ambiance, every bedroom also needs soft lighting. 

A potted monstera introduces a pop of greenery and breath of life to the space, and contrasts beautifully with the dark wall.



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