10 ways to give your woman multiple orgasms

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What to give your woman multiple orgasms in the bed. Try these few techniques to get there with ease.

Just as important as it is for men, it’s also important for women to reach climax during lovemaking and experience the peak of pleasure. Even if a woman is adequately aroused, the onus is still on her partner to help her get there. And if you’ve got what it takes, then why stop at one. When it comes to the female orgasm, two are three are in fact better than one, and what better way is there to express your love, improve intimacy and boost that male ego! It’s not difficult to achieve it; here are few tips that can help you give her those epic orgasms that every man likes to think he can and every woman wishes her man could:

Create a romantic atmosphere: Remember stress and love don’t go well together. So if you are planning a sizzling act for the bedroom, it’s imperative that you set the right mood for her. Gauge her emotions before you ask or initiate a lovemaking session. Is she in the mood for it or is she too stressed or tired? Knowing her mood is the key to start the night right. If you are oblivious to the emotions of your partner, then it’s foolish to expect an exciting climax from her, forget multiple orgasms.

To get her in the mood, put in some effort. When it comes to a woman, the importance of conversation cannot be understated, so make it a point to talk to her and reassure her about your feelings for her. Take her in your arms and ask about her day. Hold her by the waist and bring her close; look deep into her eyes and talk. But don’t forget that just because you are in the mood doesn’t necessarily mean that she is too. Don’t try to patronise her; it’s not going to work. Instead tell her that she needs a much deserved break and lead her towards the bedroom. Candle lights, aromatic fragrances, dim lights, all can help you to create a light, stress free, romantic mood for the night. If you can offer her a relaxing massage just for a few minutes, even better. While this may seem like too much effort, relationships are built on the premise of unconditional love – giving without expectation of returns, besides the returns can be quite amazing! Also read how casual love can improve overall well-being.

Help her prepare before the act: Once you have laid the groundwork and set the tone for the night that lies ahead, it’s time for some team work. It’s her turn to get ready for the act. Kegel exercises are the best way to help a woman last longer in bed, as it strengthens the vaginal muscles and makes her ready for more pleasure and helps to withstand pain too. Not every woman wants to get it on with a drill sergeant though, so don’t just order her to do Kegels, instead help. Move your hand to her erogenous zone, she will go into spasms. Give a gentle thrust; let the act of squeezing and relaxing the muscles go on for some time, in this way you will be able to sustain the mood, stimulate her and get some of those helpful Kegels exercises into the mix. Read how Kegel exercises can improve your love life.

Give importance to foreplay: Keep in mind that intercourse alone cannot lead to an epic orgasm. You need to dedicate enough time to foreplay. This is not a race, so don’t be in a hurry to dive in and get to the end of the act. If you can master the art of arousing her in a slow and steady manner, chances are that she will last longer in bed and find the experience to be a lot more pleasurable and satisfying. Use your hands and tongue for the same. To help your woman get multiple orgasms, help her to get aroused with manual and oral stimulation. For many women oral love is the ultimate way to get aroused, so get into the act before the real action. Here are some best love positions if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Make sure you know the tricks to arouse her naturally. By using your index finger stimulate her clitoris. The movements should be gentle and in circular motions. Be receptive to feedback and be attuned to both her verbal and non-verbal cues. Her little moans and inviting body language will tell you that you are on the right track. Once you have stimulated the clitoris move to the G-spot. It is believed that this spot, located atop the vaginal cavity, gives a woman the greatest amount of pleasure. Once she is aroused, getting into the act would be more fun, intimate and satisfying for both of you. Also read about the six fun facts that you need to know about the vagina.

Have little pep-talks: Most men are averse to conversation, but you don’t need to have deep meaningful conversations; just talk or whisper in each other’s ears. That sleepy heavy voice that emanates during such moments is what makes the act a lot more sensual and intimate, both for you and your woman. Also know exactly how women can fake an orgasm.

Use lubricants if needed: For a woman to have multiple orgasms she must be comfortable and find the experience to be pleasurable, more than painful. The vaginal area is extremely sensitive, so if you are going to make love not once or twice, but a couple of times, use a lubricant to lubricate the area. Soreness of the vaginal area will diminish any pleasure and can make intercourse so painful that she may not even reach a single orgasm.

Change positions: Get creative here. If you are in favour of the missionary position, don’t expect her to like the same. Instead, try new positions. This will help you keep the novelty and passion alive and allow your partner to reach an orgasm with the excitement and experimentation of a new love position. Read about an exciting love position: the sitting cowgirl.

Take a short break: That said, don’t leave the bed. If you both have reached your orgasm and plan to continue lovemaking, stay in bed. To revive your energy levels, hug, cuddle, kiss and talk. Remember, lovemaking is not just a physical act and it requires a level of emotional bonding too. Once you’ve reached climax don’t just turn your back on her or flip onto your back; look deep into her eyes and reassure her about how attracted you are to her and how much you cherish your time with her. Do this and odds are you wont need to work too hard to stimulate her for a continued session of love making.

Don’t forget the power of kisses and caresses: Kisses and caresses go a long way to keep the desire within you at a peak during your lovemaking session. Kissing and caressing your partner makes sure that you both are stimulated enough to move deep into the act. Also read types of kisses – how many have you tried.

Allow her to take the lead: If you really want her to get more epic orgasms, then don’t call all the shots. Allow her to take the lead as well and control the rhythm of things. Give her a chance when you have aroused her enough to get into the act. This will really help her be her best in bed and you should find the experience to be a lot more satisfying than you could possibly imagine.

Appreciate her performance: Tell her, literally tell her how good she is and how she makes you go weak in your knees every time you see her. Complimenting her performance in bed will make her more interested and keen on sustaining the act with vigor and passion.



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