10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sperm

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Reproduction 101 teaches us the need for both an egg and a sperm to create a tiny human. However, an astonishing number of couples actively trying to conceive appear solely focused on a woman's egg health.

  1. Here's a revelation: approximately 65% of fertility challenges faced by couples result from subpar sperm quality. Furthermore, around 85% of miscarriages are connected to male reproductive cells.

  2. Research suggests that women engaging in unprotected love (which I do not advocate unless in a healthy relationship) or oral love are less prone to depression (1). Scientists theorize that sperm contributes to elevated prostaglandin, oxytocin, and serotonin levels (i.e., happy hormones), fostering robust immunity, improved moods, and an overall sense of happiness.

  3. Your partner's semen isn't merely a vehicle for transporting sperm; it also plays a role in triggering the release of your egg. A recent study found that semen proteins can act as a hormonal signal for the female brain, stimulating ovulation (2).

  4. Humans aren't particularly adept at producing sperm. In fact, over 90% of sperm in any given ejaculation is malformed. However, this doesn't imply infertility; it's quite normal (3).

  5. Despite advice discouraging post-IVF intercourse, studies show that semen, through various hormones and chemicals, can assist in embryo implantation. Ignore the well-intentioned advice and trust the science!

  6. A mere 5% of semen constitutes sperm, and sperm cells carry only half the DNA of other male body cells. To counter the immune system's suspicion, semen contains specialized bodyguard cells forming a protective barrier against aggressive immune cells.

  7. Out of 300 to 500 million released sperms, only 5-10 cells survive the journey to the fallopian tubes, with many perishing due to acids, the female immune system, or simply getting lost (5). While some may survive up to 5 days, it's rare.

  8. Believe it or not, there are cookbooks with recipes incorporating semen as an ingredient. "Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes" describes semen as nutritious, with a wonderful texture and excellent cooking properties. The taste, they claim, is complex and dynamic (6).

  9. Research indicates that regular ejaculation can enhance sperm quality and seminal fluid transport, reducing the risk of prostate cancer (7).

  10. Unlike women, who are born with a limited number of eggs, men can produce sperm throughout their lives. Although sperm quality may decline with age, production and viability persist (8). Charlie Chaplin fathered his youngest son at 73, proving the point.

  11. Yes, sperm is rich in vitamin C, zinc, prostaglandins, amino acids, and collagen, offering numerous skin benefits. A Norwegian company named Bioforskning even created a facial cream called 'Spermine,' claiming it has 30 times the power of vitamin E and can delay skin aging by 20%. Despite the hefty $250 price tag, it's touted as nature's facial cream.

There you have it – 11 sperm facts you probably didn't need, but they certainly add an intriguing touch to life. Keep smiling!



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